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Mathematics Foundation Course

The Mathematics Foundation Course workshops run every Thursday, from 10am-11am. Students can access all the workshop notes from the relevant Moodle page.

This course aims to give students an opportunity to receive help with many of the basic areas of Mathematics that they are struggling with.

A new topic will be posted on Moodle each week. Each section will consist of one or two short video tutorials, summary notes on the topic itself plus some background material, and a quiz.

Students who wish to avail of this service must initially contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to request a key for enrolling into this Moodle course.

Students are encouraged to contact the tutor CiarĂ¡n O'Rourke in advance of the class with any areas of the course material they would like to see covered.

All material covered in the workshop is recorded and subsequently posted each week on the Moodle site for students to access. These notes will be of limited use to students who have not attended the workshop.

Students are also encouraged to try the Mathematics Proficiency Course which covers material at a slightly higher level.

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