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Mathematics Support Centre Tutors

The Mathematics Support Centre is staffed by the director- Dr Ciarán Mac an Bhaird and experienced Mathematics tutors. For a full description of the material that the staff are familiar with see the Topics page.

Students who need additional assistance can avail of our Online Resources.

The MSC will open during the March 2018 study week, on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st from 10:00-12:30 and 1:30-4:00 each day. Tutors on duty: James, Rachel and Stephen.

Tutors during normal MSC drop-in hours during semester 2 are as listed below.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-10   Proficiency Workshop (James)      
10-11 James, Peter, Stephen Brian, Peter, Stephen Jim, Maria, Stephen James, Peter, Rachel, Stephen Aisling, Jim, Peter
11-12 James, Maria, Stephen Brian, Elizabeth, Peter, Stephen     Aisling, Jim, Peter
12-1 Darragh, James, Maria, Stephen   First Science Mathematics Workshop (James) Brian, Conor, James, Peter, Rachel, Stephen Aisling, Jim, Rachel
1-2 First Mathematical Studies Workshop (James) Brian, Elizabeth, Peter, Rachel, Stephen Aisling, Darragh, Jim, Maria, Peter, Rachel Darragh, James, Jim, Liam, Rachel, Stephen  
2-3   Brian, Darragh, James, Maria, Rachel Aisling, Hazel, James, Maria, Peter, Rachel Ciarán O, Elizabeth, Hazel, James, Jim, Stephen  
3-4 James, Maria, Peter, Stephen Brian, Darragh, Ciarán O, James, Maria Ciarán O, Darragh, James, Liam, Maria, Rachel    
4-5 Brian, Conor, James, Peter     Ciarán O, Darragh, James, Jim, Pádhraic, Rachel  
5-6   First Science Mathematics Workshop (James) Ciarán O, Jim, Maria, Stephen Ciarán O, Darragh, James, Jim, Maria, Pádhraic,  
6-7 Second Level Drop-in (Andrew, Rachel, Siobhán) Brian, Conor, Stephen Ciarán O, James, Maria, Stephen On Demand Workshops  
7-8 Second Level Drop-in (Andrew, Rachel, Siobhán) Brian, Pádhraic, Stephen   On Demand Workshops  




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